January 2016 Meeting Notes

The Club Meeting on January 11th began with a minor scandal when outgoing Club President Ron Pulitano, whose German is apparently a little rusty, mistranslated Tuesday Afternoon Schuetzen Verein as "Tuesday Afternoon Old Farts." The muttering quickly died out when the old farts in question decided there was more than a little truth there.


Slater's Annual Renewal Reminder

Please use the renewal form in your Stumper, with the mailing label on the back — it makes Slater's life a lot easier looking up members and getting them updated.

A check without a form will be returned, as it can be difficult or impossible to tell who it is from! Too often we get company checks, or checks from a partner's checkbook, and we have no idea who is sending us $50.

Thank you for understanding!


Executive Board Nominations

All the members of the Executive Board will be up for re-election at the January Meeting.

Club President Ron Pulitano and Executive Officer Dan Flanagan both announced at the September Meeting they will not be accepting nominations for their currently held offices again in 2016. Meaning, those positions will need to be filled. Additionally, Paul Feist has announced, while he will continue serving as Secretary through 2016 if elected, he will not be accepting a nomination again in 2017.


Competitor's Meeting & Club Meeting

The November Club Meeting is our annual setting of the next years calendar of events. If you want an event on the 2016 calendar, you must be present to get your event scheduled! Please have your events more or less worked out before the meeting.

Never thought about running an event? Ask us! We're more than happy to have new match directors and will help you as much as we can!

Our annual election of officers to the Board will be held at the January Club Meeting. The November meeting is the opportunity for open nominations.


We're Still Working on It!

RGC Members and Guests,

As construction can at times go — it's not done. We will be open Saturday and Sunday. Rifle Position 1 & side Range access will be closed, and possibly Rifle Position 2.

The pistol range will be fully open. Please be patient with sign ins as the benches, tables and firearm checks will all be rearranged.

The range will be CLOSED Monday and Tuesday, August 17th and 18th.

-Andrew Buschkamp, Chief Instructor



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