Range Reopening!

Range Reopening June 6th - More info Updated 6-3-2020


Membership Application

Membership application processing is on hold.


  • Free use of the range when a Range Safety Officer is present. No $20 day use fee! (Except the second week of September "Sight in Days" weekday evenings.)
  • Immediate family members shoot with you for free.
  • One guest may shoot with you for free.
  • Receive The Redwood Stumper, the Club's excellent newsletter.
  • Compete in Club matches.
  • Purchase firearms, parts and ammunition via the Civilian Marksmanship Program. (RGC is a CMP affiliated club. Other requirements apply.)
  • Vote in Club elections and on other business.
  • Serve as a Range Safety Officer.
  • Serve in an elected or appointed position in the Club.


  • Follow all firearm safety and range rules.
  • Membership Dues are $50 per calendar year, Jan 1 to Dec 31. (Sorry, no prorating.) New memberships received October through December, will be valid for the remainder of the current year and through December of the following year.
  • Be a member in good standing of the National Rifle Association. (Why?)
  • Sign the Club Pledge.

Membership Applications are subject to Review and Acceptance by the Redwood Gun Club Executive Board.

If you have any questions about Club Membership, please contact Club Officers, or visit the range.