Range Reopening!

Range Reopening June 6th - More info Updated 6-3-2020



Redwood Gun Club maintains two square rifle ranges and two square handgun ranges.

We also have three action shooting bays available for events and contract use.

Rifle Ranges

Photo of the 100 and 200 yard ranges
The 100 yard range has twelve positions and the 200 yard range has ten positions. Both firing lines are covered and have concrete floors with ambidextrous concrete benches. In addition to wood target backers on each position, each range has two gongs positioned at the right end of each firing line.

Targets may be placed on movable backers at 50 yards and 50 meters on the 100 yard range. Please see a 100 yard Range Master for instructions on how a safely position your target on the movable backers. (Movable backers may not always be available.)

The 200 yard target backers are accessible by foot or vehicle. Due to the sandy turn around, a four wheel drive is strongly recommended.

Handgun Ranges

Photo of the 15 and 25 yard ranges
The 25 yard handgun range has ten firing points, plus three five 15 yard firing points. The line is covered and has a concrete floor with wood benches.

Centerfire rifles may be sighted in on the 25 yard range to "get on paper." Then we ask that you please move to the rifle ranges.

Action Shooting Bays

We have three action shooting bays ranging from 10 yards to 25 yards deep. They are available for matches, classes, and contract use. See the calendar for limited public access days.

Other Amenities

There are several picnic tables, ample parking, and a portable toilet.

Sorry, there is no food, water, or camping available on Club property, but all services are available in Eureka or Arcata. RV and tent camping are available 15 minutes south at Samoa County Park.