Palma competition began in 1876 and included prone shooting out to 1000 yards. It has always been an international sport, with national teams shooting around the world for a perpetual trophy. The matches stopped at the outbreak of WW2 and didn't begin again until Canada revived it it 1966.

Mini-Palma was created by NRA to simulate shooting Palma with smallbore (.22 rimfire) rifles.


100 yard prone at reduced targets to simulate 800-900-1000 yards.

Limited to .22 caliber due to the size of the scoring rings.

Separate Classes for rimfire and center fire. Iron sights or scope.

NRA guidelines

Course of Fire

Target is LR-S, International Mini-Palma.

Unlimited sighters and 15 shots for record 800 yards.
2 sighters and 15 shots for record 900 yards.
2 sighters and 15 shots for record 1000 yd.

Total 45 rounds plus sighters in a 60 minute block time.

Required Equipment

  • Rimfire or centerfire rifle in .22 caliber

Optional Equipment

  • Sling (Strongly recommended)
  • Spotting Scope
  • Shooting Coat
  • Shooting Glove (A work glove is better than none)
  • Shooting Mat (A carpet remnant or camping pad works)
  • Shooter's Stool
  • Log Book


Sid Berg