RGC Steel Plate

The Redwood Gun Club Steel Plate Match is designed to introduce participants to the fun and excitement of competition shooting in a safe, low pressure, family friendly atmosphere.

Steel Plate events are USPSA Steel Challenge-style matches designed to be completed by shooters of all levels without the need to reload “on the clock” (usually). The main goal is to hit all the steel targets in the course of fire as quickly as possible.


Steel Plate events generally follow USPSA Steel Challenge rules. It is the responsibility of all participants, volunteers or spectators to be familiar with the rules and especially understand those which are safety oriented.

All Firearms are to safely use .22 long rifle ammunition or centerfire pistol ammunition.


Carbines/rifles and .22 handguns start at low ready position.

Centerfire handguns are drawn from the holster.

All Participants and Spectators Must Wear Eye and Ear protection.

$10 entrance fee for matches. You may shoot multiple guns. Frequently you will find shooters using both a .22 handgun and carbine or a 9mm handgun and carbine. But people mix it up, too, and smile while doing it!

Course of Fire

A normal Stage (scenario) usually has 5 targets. Each Stage has 5 Strings of fire. In a perfect world, you’d need 125 rounds to complete 5 stages of 5 strings of fire. Perfection eludes most of us so bring extra ammo!

You will need at least 5 magazines for your firearm (or 5 speedloaders for wheel guns) to keep things running smoothly. Once you are on the firing line, no refilling of magazines is permitted. You will come to the line ready to fire those 5 strings of fire.

Required Equipment

  • Handgun + 5 Magazines/Loaders (.22 LR and 9mm are most commonly used)
  • Holster for centerfire handguns


  • Rifle/carbine + 5 Magazines/Loaders (.22 LR and 9mm are most commonly used)
  • 125+ (per firearm) rounds of ammo


Jim Guedmin