Big Changes at the Range

Attention all Range Officers and Redwood Gun Club users. There have been some big changes to our landscape. Check ins and outs will move slower. Please be patient.

Range Officers' please take some extra time to learn this layout and be ready with it before your scheduled RO Day.

-Andrew Buschkamp, Chief Instructor


Range Phone is No More

Just to let everyone know, the ancient, sometimes-trusty, sometimes-troublesome phone at the range is no more. This time, on purpose. We have noticed that virtually everyone at the range (members, customers and Range Masters) has a cell phone now. We saw no need to continue paying $40 a month, month after month, year after year, for a phone that is increasingly unlikely to be used.


Renewal Reminder!

Use Your Renewal Form, Please!

Slater has asked me to draw and quarter, uh, "remind everyone," to please use the renewal form in your Stumper, with the mailing label on the back — it makes life a lot easier looking up members and getting them updated.



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