Match Parking

We have a lot of matches scheduled, which is excellent. We have a lot of participants, which is also excellent. We have a lot of traffic congestion inside the new safety gate, especially when a match is finishing up and the Range is otherwise open, which is bad.

Match participants may unload inside the gate but should park in the lot outside the gate. Match Directors and Range Masters should be the only ones parked inside the gate when the range opens at 10am.


We're Still Working on It!

RGC Members and Guests,

As construction can at times go — it's not done. We will be open Saturday and Sunday. Rifle Position 1 & side Range access will be closed, and possibly Rifle Position 2.

The pistol range will be fully open. Please be patient with sign ins as the benches, tables and firearm checks will all be rearranged.

The range will be CLOSED Monday and Tuesday, August 17th and 18th.

-Andrew Buschkamp, Chief Instructor


Big Changes at the Range

Attention all Range Officers and Redwood Gun Club users. There have been some big changes to our landscape. Check ins and outs will move slower. Please be patient.

Range Officers' please take some extra time to learn this layout and be ready with it before your scheduled RO Day.

-Andrew Buschkamp, Chief Instructor


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