Smallbore Prone League

Smallbore Rifle is a style of rifle competition that was developed for .22 rimfire rifles as a less expensive alternative to and practice for centerfire rifle competitions, such as High Power Rifle.

As the name suggests we generally shoot prone only, however we have begun to dabble in 3 Position shooting, adding sitting or kneeling and standing.

Targets are standard NRA and Palma targets at 50 yards, 50 meters, and 100 yards.

The Smallbore Prone League meets weekly during a Spring-Summer season and monthly, with a couple of exceptions, in the off-season.


NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules

Most matches are any sights. The Mini-Palma is iron sights only.

Course of Fire

For practice, usually decided at the time, based on what we will be shooting in the next match.

Aggregate and 3 Position matches may be any combination of 50 yard, 50 meter and 100 yard targets up to the aggregate score, usually 400 or 800.

50 Yard & 50 Meter: 5 shots each on four record bulls.

100 Yard: 10 shots each on two record bulls.

International Mini-Palma: Often regarded as the toughest target in smallbore shooting, this is a 100 yard reduced simulation of the Palma 800, 900, and 1000 yard targets. It is shot using iron sights.

3 shots 800 yard sighter, 15 shots on 800 yard record bull.
1 shot 900 yard sighter, 15 shots on 900 yard record bull.
1 shot 1000 yard sighter, 15 shots on 1000 yard record bull.

Required Equipment

  • Any .22 rifle

Optional Equipment

  • Bolt action, single shot .22 rifle
  • Sling (Strongly recommended)
  • Spotting Scope
  • Shooting Coat
  • Shooting Glove (Work glove is better than none)
  • Shooting Mat (A carpet remnant or camping pad works)
  • Ammo block