Range Work Party Weekend, August 20th & 21st

The range will be closed to shooting on August 20th and 21st. We will need volunteers to help with range maintenance. There is a Cowboy Action match and a Women's Handgun Continuation class on D3 and D2 that will be running as scheduled on Saturday morning. We have equipment rented to rebuild the 100 yard berm and clear the 200 yard access road. We will be taking down the 100 yard backers, so Brian Hunter can get in to refill and rework the berm as it is disappearing quickly.

Starting at 9 am, we will be needing hands on to pull slash from the side of the road that we have been stuffing in there for years; we have a tunnel effect on the 200 yard road. We have contracted for a chipper and an excavator on the 21st. We would like to cut down anything that is even thinking of falling over the road in the next year or two and get as much slash pulled out ahead of time as we can to be ready for the chipper.

Thanks to Joe Vecchio, there is not a lot of weed whacking to be done but you're welcome to come out and do what you can. Bring a pair of gloves and a strong back. We will provide lunch, probably sandwiches of some sort on both days.

If you have a dump trailer and can haul sand — we need you. For more information, please call XO Bill Breen at 707-601-1404.

Remember, you do get RSO Duty Day credit for your labor. Hope to see you all there.

–Bill Breen
Executive Officer