New Club Vice President, Aaron Ostrom

My name is Aaron Ostrom and I am honored to be your Vice President of the Redwood Gun Club. I was interested because I would like to give back more to this range and this community of shooters. I've met some great people (members, RSO's and guests) at this range too. Redwood Gun Club is a huge asset for our community and I feel I can help this range with it's current and future goals. 

I'm currently one of the owners of Pacific Outfitters. We have shops in Eureka and Ukiah. I'm also the Founder/Treasurer of the PacOut Green Team, which is a 501(c)3. PacOut Green Team hosts weekly 60 minute cleanups throughout our county. We focus on beaches, forests, parks, trails, and other outdoor spaces. This has resulted in removing over 500,000 lbs of garbage/litters from those areas, since we started back in 2014. 

I also served for 3 years as a Board of Directors for the Eureka Chamber of Commerce and served on their Marketing Committee. During that time and currently, I'm on the Board of Directors for Humboldt County Visitors Bureau (

I've served 3 years as the Marketing Chair for the Marketing Committee and during that time I was also a member of the Executive Committee. I'm also a member of the Humboldt Bay Fire CERT Team. 

When it comes to firearms, I've been shooting most of my life. 5 years ago we launched a Firearms Training Academy through Pacific Outfitters and teach a number of firearms classes and have put over 3,000 students through our courses. We teach at Redwood Gun Club and at Long Prairie Gun and Archery Club. While I love teaching people how to handle various types of firearms safely and shoot them accurately, we take pride in always seeking out further education as instructors. Our motto is "Sometimes an instructor, always a student."

Some of my firearms training:
*I'm a distinguished graduate at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute on multiple weapons platforms - Handgun/Shotgun/Patrol Rifle
*Sheepdog Response Level 1 & 2 Graduate - Hand to Hand Combat/Weapon Retention/Weapon Takeaway/Advanced shooting tactics. 
*DOJ Firearms Safety Instructor that certifies other instructors. 
*Current NRA RSO
*Fish & Wildlife Hunter Ed Instructor

As Vice President and my FIRST year on the board my main goal would be to listen and fully understand the in's and out's of this operation. I would like to know from our members and board what you think our assets and liabilities are for the range, and based on that, what should our goals be and strategies to hit those goals. My areas of expertise are Marketing and Efficient Company Infrastructure.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve Humboldt's shooting community as VP of Redwood Gun Club. 

~ Aaron Ostrom, Vice President