New Women's Handgun Continuation Class

RGC’s Women's Handgun Safety Class (WHSC) has introduced women to safe handgun handling and shooting. Over 450+ women have gone through this basic handgun class over the past 5 years.

Having been involved with this program since the beginning, I’ve seen a growing need for women to have a time on the range, with their peers, to enjoy shooting. A time when a women can come out to the range and shoot in a controlled and comfortable environment with their personal handgun, having time on the range and not be intimidated by other shooters. Plus have RGC RSO’s available to help with questions when asked.

Some who take the WHSC get motivated to own their own handgun. They take the giant step and go through the process to buy their own handgun. Then what do they do with their new handgun? One option is to repeat WHSC over to get help. By doing this they block a new student from taking a WHSC. I believe more women would purchase a handgun after going through a WHSC if they had a safe comfortable place to learn how to shoot their new handgun.

RGC is starting a new women’s program to have a safe and comfortable place for women to shoot with other women handgun owners. This is especially a place for the new woman handgun owner, or if you already own or have access to a handgun. On the 3rd Saturday of each month, the Pistol Range will be open for women from 8:30am to 11:30am. During this time, women who have taken a WHSC and have a handgun can come out to the Pistol Range. The Pistol Range will be supervised by RGC RSO’s from the WHSC. They will be available to help with questions if asked.

You will need:
Hearing protection
Eye protection (prescription glasses ok)
Warm clothing

What to expect when you come out:
Targets will be set up like on WHSC day. 7 yds and 10 yds white silhouette backer with Shoot-N-C target. You may take the target home or leave it.
Class fee: $10 club member. Non member $20