From the Prez

The next time you are at the range you will notice our new replacement storage faculties. This past Tuesday the contents of the connex in the parking lot was emptied and transferred to a new unit. Some of the overflow in the target shed was transferred to the other unit and with some new shelves Dan Fanagan will reorganize the units so we can find things. We owe a big thanks to Dan and helpers, Mike, Bill, Joe, and Tom for all the effort.

When the new unit was delivered we wondered how it was going to get off the truck. Dan put a couple of blocks down and the driver hooked the unit to the winch on the back of the bed, tilted the bed, drove forward, and slid the unit right off onto the blocks in one smooth movement. The B&B driver made it look simple.

The next project is the rebuild of the 100 & 200 yard prone berms in front of the benches. How many times have you heard, “I used to shoot High Power, but now I can't because my neck won’t let me”? It’s hard laying down and having your service rifle pointing at the bottom stringer on the 100 yard line. Time and runoff from the roof have leveled what once was a comfortable prone position. I’ve asked the High Power Committee to give me some input as to how we can solve this problem. Growth between the 200 yard prone position and the targets will be a challenge. There have been some good suggestions, we just need to work out the details. For both ranges, drainage will need to be directed away from the prone positions in front of the shooting benches.

We are in the planning stages of adding two shooting stations on the 15 yard range, for a total of five. The 15 yard line needs to be totally rebuilt to accomplish this.

Just came in from the semi-annual Work Party. Great turn out. 100 yard stringers and backers were replaced, along with rebuilding the uprights on the 25 yard range. While rebuilding the uprights volunteers noticed nice groups of .22 holes in the uprights?? A special thanks to the four young ladies who came out from the 4-H group that shoots on Sunday after the range closes. That represents about 25% of their group.

We would appreciate greater involvement on Work Party days from the High Power shooters, the Tuesday Schuetzen group and the Bullseye shooters. Come on out and join in the fun. When you come out to work on the range, it will give you a better idea of how to improve the range for your sport. Your participation and suggestions are important. See you at the next Work Party on August 13, 2016.

-Jim Guedmin
Club President