From the Pres

We had a break in the weather and maintenance on the safety inspection station was started. The sign in desk was repositioned so Range Masters will be facing the firing line and downrange for better visibility and safety control. We are also discussing new signage along the safety wall by the entrance gate to, hopefully, eliminate some confusion for Range Masters during club sponsored events and to make things easier for Range Masters to deal with folks.

US Fish and Wildlife spread gravel on the entrance road to the range. The road was then graded and the project finished up in about a week. When driving down the road to the range take it slow and try to avoid any new puddles. This will help keep the road chuck hole free for awhile.

Fortuna Salvage picked up our old connex and a new one was placed on the footprint of the old one. The old connex was close to impossible to open and the floor was rotted through.

Other projects in the planning stage are berm repair, new gutters and roofs on the shoot houses, prone berms in front of the 100 and 200 yard benches and drainage.

Seventeen Ladies showed up for February’s 4th Saturday Ladies Day at the Range. Ladies program hours have been extended to 12:00 noon to cut down on confusion during transition from Ladies program to general public shooting hours. This extra hour will allow Ladies to gather up their personal gear, instructors to gather up their personal handguns, (more than 25 are used), take down portable target stands and store them, and then turn the range over to the duty Range Master.

Word about RGC's Ladies program is getting out and I expect if this trend continues the program may have to be extended to the 2nd Saturday, also. Feed back for this program has been very positive. Our Club now has 9 women who are members, some of whom help with this program, and others who have joined the Club have come from the Ladies program.

-Jim Guedmin