Mini “Rattle Battle”

The National Trophy Infantry Team Match, or as it is often called, the “rattle battle,” was conceived in the early 1920s following World War I to simulate an infantry squad laying down suppressing fire and then advancing. It is one of the favorite competitions at the National Matches and has been described as "the most fun you can have with a service rifle."

Matches are run pretty lean compared to Across the Course matches, the team carries all ammunition for the match on their person and advances carrying only their rifle and loaded magazines — no mats, stools, or spotting scopes. All stages are rapid fire and there are no alibis.


The Mini Rattle Battle rules are here!

Teams will be squadded at the match.

Here's how the real thing is shot:
CMP Competition Rules for Service Rifle and Pistol; see Rule 8.6, pages 65-67. (Page numbers may vary when the Rulebook is updated.)

Course of Fire

100 yard reduced course, targets used simulate full distance targets.

All stages are as many shots as can be fired in 50 seconds, up to a match maximum of 100 rounds per team. Targets are scored as a simple hit or miss:

  1. Prone at 100 yards - E Target - hit = 4 points
  2. Prone, sitting, or kneeling at 80 yards - E Target - hit = 3 points
  3. Sitting or kneeling at 100 yards - F Target - hit = 2 points
  4. Standing at 65 yards - F Target - hit = 1 point

Required Equipment

  • Service Rifle
  • Magazines (As many as you've got!)

Optional Equipment

  • Binoculars (Spotting scope not permitted during firing)
  • Spotting Scope (For sighting in)
  • Shooting Coat
  • Shooting Glove