Range Reopening June 6th!

Good news! We will be reopening the range as planned on June 6th! The range will be fully staffed this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.

Going forward, please keep a close eye on the calendar, scheduled RSOs are listed on it in magenta. If there are three RSOs listed, both the rifle and pistol ranges will be open. If two RSOs are listed, the Pistol Range will be closed. If one or no RSOs are listed, the range will be closed.

Please maintain six feet distance from and at least one empty shooting bench between members of other households whenever possible.

Range Safety Officer:

If you are on the calendar for RSO duty and do not feel comfortable performing the RSO duties, please contact Brian Hunter at 707-599-8864 as soon as possible so he can find a replacement. Please be aware that there will be no repercussions for not meeting the prior obligation. Also, the Executive Committee has decided that RSO’s do not need to perform five days of RSO duty in order to receive a key in 2021. We do not want you to work at the range if you do not feel safe doing so.

The EC will not require you to wear mask and gloves. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing such items, feel free to do so. The EC is working on obtaining hand sanitizing stations.

As far as the check-in station, if you can visibly see a chamber flag in the chamber, there is no need for you to handle the firearm. If a chamber flag is not visible, provide a chamber flag, instruct the visitor to point the firearm in a safe direction, and insert the flag indicating a clear firearm. That way you are limiting contact with the visitor and their equipment. If at all possible, please maintain an empty shoot station between shooters of different households.

Executive Committee

Redwood Gun Club