Eye Protection & Chamber Flags Required

Begining August 1st, 2017, that is. Many of us already use eye protection on the range because it just makes a lot of sense, nobody wants to lose their eyesight. (Some of us don’t have that much left!)

If you already wear eyeglasses, you’re good to go, as far as the rules are concerned — nobody is going to check your glasses for their ASTM rating. Although, if they aren’t shatterproof, you may want to wear safety glasses over them and get the shatterproof option the next time you update your prescription.

Kevin Christie generously donated a couple boxes to get us started. Thanks, Kevin!

Whether you call them chamber flags, empty chamber indicators, open bolt indicators, or safety flags, you’re going to need one for each gun you have on the range after August 1st.

We’ve been giving them away and testing their use on the range on public days since last year and they do show at a glance that the bolt is open and the chamber unloaded. Everyone can see that your gun is safe and RSOs can clear the line in record time.

You can buy a handful of them for a couple bucks and keep them in your range bag. We think they make our range a safer place to shoot.⌖